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Fixture Only
- Fixture : Product Code [ex : TS4S4010S]

Pre-Mounted Fixture [Simple Mount]
- Fixture + Mount + Cover Screw : B + Product Code [ex : BTS4S4010S]

ㆍSubmerged type implant with an internal hex 11° taper    connection structure
ㆍSA surface morphology and roughness
   increased by 45% compared to RBM treatment.
ㆍSA : Sand blasted with alumina and Acid etched surface
   - Optimal morphology : Combination of crater and micro-pit
   - Optimal surface roughness : Ra 2.5~3.0㎛
   - Early cell response : 20% faster than RBM
   - Early bone healing : 20% faster than RBM
   - Early loading possible after 6 weeks of placement.
   - Optimized design for SA surface
ㆍStraight body offers good implantation perfomance
ㆍSmall Thread : Increase initial stability in soft bone
ㆍCorkscrew thread : Powerful Self threading
ㆍLimited insertion torque : 40Ncm

* We recommend that the fixture with over 4.5mm diameter is used for single case in Molar.

* Recommended insertion speed : below 15rpm
  - TSIV Fixture Insert speed is fast because of thread pitch is big