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Fixture Only
- Fixture : Product Code [ex : TS4S4010S]

Pre-Mounted Fixture [Simple Mount]
- Fixture + Mount + Cover Screw : B + Product Code [ex : BTS4S4010S]

ㆍSubmerged type implant with an internal hex 11° taper
   connection structure
ㆍSuperior hydrophilic SA surface encapsulated
   in calcium solution
ㆍTaper body design with superior initial stability
ㆍHighest initial stability in soft bone by using upper-section
   thread and body design
ㆍPowerful self-threading effect using corkscrew thread
ㆍAchieves high initial stability needed in immediate loading    even in soft bone
ㆍIn implant cases for posterior tooth extraction and    immediate insertion and replacing a failed implant
ㆍRecommended insertion torque: 40Ncm or more

* We recommend that the fixture with over 4.5mm diameter is used for single case in Molar.

* Recommended insertion speed : below 15rpm
  - TSIV Fixture Insert speed is fast because of thread pitch is big